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Right, so anyway, I'm over here now.

(Post #16 is because I'm keeping track of how many times I post each year, and I'm just moving right along... Wait, what, it's April?)

Let's list joys of the week:
*new travel laptop! Which I'm still setting up, oh well!
*Duke of Wellington blend from Fortnum's
*open windows, even with the pollen
*rereading Mary Burchell Mills and Boon books, newly republished, on the Kindle. Mary Burchell was really Ida Cook, who with her sister helped 29 Jews escape from Germany and Austria before the Holocaust; she began writing romance novels, in fact, to help fund their efforts.
Burchell wrote for DECADES, but as a teenager I loved her "Warrender Saga" books -- which were really books written in a shared universe of classical music and opera people, with the hero and heroine from the first book as recurring characters. Those characters are conductor Oscar Warrender and his wife, soprano Anthea Benton Warrender, and they work for me on every level. The books are also fascinating in their evocation of a classical-music milieu that is likely gone forever. They are very much of their time, so the nostalgia is strong.

What's making you happy these days?
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