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Saturday, Post #41

Just got back from a morning walk. (I have started a workout plan created by my friend and trainer Fr, in anticipation of a walking-tour vacation next July, hurrah.) It is still Hot Soup here in the subtropics, but the light has changed, and soon, soon the dewpoint will drop to livable levels.

(I hope.)

While the weather should be changing in good ways soon, my house and backyard are about to undergo Major Updates. I foresee two and a half to three months of craziness with the house, while my contractor redoes the 1960s addition and makes it a) a rationally designed space, and b) one better suited to Aging in Place. Example: currently there are two steps down from my kitchen to the utility room/hallway; these steps lead directly, as in less than a foot of clearance, into my washing machine. To the right of the steps is a giant Nixon-era (LITERALLY) water heater. It's a cramped and slightly dangerous arrangement, and I will be so glad when it goes away. I am NOT looking forward to the construction noise and mess, but the end result should be great.

Also, I adore M the contractor, who did my other bathroom renovation, and he will do a good job for me.

The other change is that my backyard, which is sort of a mess (except with excellent treework!), is getting a proper design. D my landscape designer is doing some practical things I requested, like a Corgi-size border fence keeping Master Danger away from the proper fence, but he also, like, somehow intuited the kind of Provencal stone courtyard image that I keep pinning, and is giving me a courtyard space of gravel, flagstones, and succulents, which I'll be able to see from my kitchen window. YAY YAY YAY. There will also be some "lawn" for the young master and loads of native plants, including pollinators.

I'll keep you posted on how Master Danger does with all these changes. :)

What change are you looking forward to?
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I'm looking forward to cooler and wetter fall weather - we're about to head into another week of Santa Anas. I am NOT looking forward to that.

Sounds like you have a lot of good things going on!
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I misread that as Master Danger giving you a Proven├žal stone courtyard and was vastly entertained at the idea of a Corgi garden designer (extra space for digging and concealing bones).

I'm looking forward to an imminent holiday.
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I am looking forward to autumn weather. (We're having a brief spate of it now, but we're supposed to have a return to heat next week, naturally.)

Those sound like excellent renovations!
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I'm looking forward to seeing the (smaller) replacement deck in place and having a new hot tub mere steps from the bedroom instead of the 20-year-old non-working one on the far side of the lower level. Deck framing is pretty much complete and the composite decking starts to be installed on Monday, when our gorgeous autumnal weekend weather disappears and we go back up 10 or 20 degrees...

Your improvements sound delightful! Hugs and fingers crossed for no more weather issues.

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Oh, your happy chaos to come! So excited for you. Master Danger should damn well appreciate what you do for him, but alas, I hear he's kind of a jerk. :)

Last night I was sitting outside, feeling a legit cool breeze, and remembering why I love living here. I'm going to cherish every moment of it this year!
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Ooh, the courtyard sounds lovely!