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usedtobeljs ([personal profile] usedtobeljs) wrote2017-05-10 01:18 pm
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Farewell to Sleepy Hollow, Post #23

I saw that Sleepy Hollow has been cancelled at last. Its fourth season apparently was one of Fox TV's lowest-rated shows, which was only right and proper after that bullshit the network and writers perpetrated.

I only caught a couple of bits of episodes this season, and delicious as Tom Mison is, it had no spark. The heart of Sleepy Hollow was Abbie and Crane, mishandled as the relationship was post-Season-One, and it was a great, strong heart indeed.

So much potential, so much waste.

So here's a vignette set in a 'verse where the two true Witnesses won through the seven Tribulations and are happy together. Sometimes "Waking from Nightmare" is easier than we think.

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