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I'm back home. Master Danger is snoozing on the linoleum, it's bloody hot in the subtropics and there's worrying news about my dad -- so let me remember my trip, which after an initial hiccup was awesome.

Rather than listing everything I did, a few moments to remember:
*unexpectedly seeing friends at the gate next to mine, and having a nice visit before I boarded (and before they went to Europe)
*checking my phone one last time on the plane out, with a glass of fizz on the armrest
*hot strong PG Tips and toast in the B&B where I stayed one night
*sitting in a cafe in a small town in Derbyshire, windows on a rainy green, with a be-hatted older woman drinking tea at a nearby table whilst her lurcher sat at her feet and sighed
*at the House Style at Chatsworth exhibit, the motto jumpers worn by the previous Duke of Devonshire Andrew Cavendish -- such as "Never Marry A Mitford". LOVE.
*green green EVERYWHERE
*a single pale rose on the bush outside my bedroom window in the flat in London; drinking wine on the garden patio of the flat
*HOT for three days, OMG. London theatres are largely not air-conditioned, either (although thank heavens for the National, which was)
*tea at the Ritz, with ambiance and sweet stuff
*some awesome theatre, including a revelatory performance of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches wherein Andrew Garfield, Nathan Lane, and Russell Tovey were mesmerizing and heartbreaking (okay, Roy Cohn wasn't heartbreaking); DAVID FUCKING TENNANT in Don Juan in Soho, a star to his bones, louche in slim-cut suits and charmingly repellent as the modern rake-figure; the sweet and delicious love story in Rattigan's Love in Idleness, wherein Tony Head was dashing and GORGEOUS and passionate, and Eve Best was Life Goal. [Also in LiI: CLOTHES PORN, omg: 1940s silk pyjamas for Eve Best, and a silk shirt/wide-legged trousers outfit that looked classic and still current; pinstriped Savile Row for ASH, also black tie (OMG), and a camelhair coat that was unreal in its swagger and perfection)
*visiting with friends, including Paratti
*the colors of the David Hockney exhibit at the Tate Britain
*new shoes
*my footbridge over the Thames, in afternoon and at night

Hugs to all, and may your weekend be full of good things.
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While I wait for the washing machine cycle to finish so I can throw stuff in the laundry and then go to the office...

1) My week has been really really really stressful. Like whoa. I have four hours of intense work to do today at the office, and then I'm retreating home (to work all weekend where it's quiet).
2) But a happy-hour drink with friends Downtown tonight -- which was arranged when I saw E walking his wife's dog this morning as Master Danger and I did OUR walk.
3) That's how we roll, here in Small Town.
4) My icon is of Ripper because my inner punch-people-in-the-face side is threatening to come out with a colleague or two.
5) Lalala.
6) Also, let's be real -- how gorgeous was Tony Head as Ripper? THIS MUCH GORGEOUS.
7) Brightens the day, yes?
8) Speaking of bright days, Earth Day is tomorrow! I might try to get to the March for Science held on the beach, because yay science, but it would involve driving and talking to people, two activities I'm not too keen on.
9) Spin cycle! Hey, here's a drabble on the topic of Spin.

"Stop spinning!" Anya hissed at the vampire dancing around her. Her fingers tightened on the stake, which felt too slippery, too insecure, where were Potentials –

"Stand still," came a beloved English voice. Footsteps, running --

"Which one of us?" she said.

A sword flashed in the moonlight, aimed at the stupid spinny vampire's neck. Poof, and now vamp ashes floated in the moonlight.

"You," Giles said, breathing heavily.

"You rescued me," she said, putting her hand on his arm. "Nicely done, honey."

"I always will," he said, and kissed her, there in the moonlight. She felt the world spin.

10) Off to work I go!

Hugs and a happy Friday to you.
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