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This Saturday I am clinging to moments of joy:

*the CDs I liberated from my father's store, 50s cool jazz and 60s pop jazz and the odd bit of Afro-Cuban jazz awesomeness

*new makeup (eyeliner, eyebrow filler, highlighter, blush) with an option to buy new lippie later

*wearing my Ariat cowboy boots (3 years old now?) with a pencil skirt so I could run from meeting to meeting at work yesterday

*Bertie Carvel writing brilliantly for the New Statesman. (He talks about playing Simon Foster, who is loathsome, but mmmm, Bertie.)

*Britbox has "A Bit of Fry and Laurie"! And Campion!!!!!!

*homemade bread made by a colleague

*2 and a half inches of rain yesterday, and an almost cool morning today for Master Danger's and my walk

May your days ahead be full of joy.
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Right now I am looking at a bouquet of daisies and carnations that friends have sent me, and I am making myself smile. On this Sunday, let's think about things of joy:

*fresh pitcher of F&M strawberry black tea
*Master Danger stretched out at my feet (but not so close that I will trip over him)
*ticking off work done on my To Do list
*planning to listen to this Proms concert featuring Dianne Reeves with a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
*having dinner with friends on Thursday night, in the midst of a torrential downpour
*new shoes from Shoes of Prey (the brown ankle-strap mid-heels of my dreams)
*re-organizing clothes drawers and reminding myself of how much I have

May you be reminded of your joys today.
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So this summer has not been good so far, shall we say, and at the moment we are still hanging fire, so -- let's think about joys instead.

*the beauty of Peter Capaldi as Twelve, with special attention to the third gif down on the right side, because that is some Lord Peter Wimsey tailored-shoulders nonsense right there
*rereading the Vane-Wimsey Quartet for comfort
*brewing this morning's tea (Fortnum's black tea with strawberry)
*multi-grain baton of bread from Publix, where shopping is seriously a pleasure
*payday coming up!
*the new Diana Krall album

What's giving you joy today? May the list be long, may the joys linger.
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[Please insert traditional "Oh God this week" lament here. Because oh God, this week.]

So instead of thinking of that, Joy:

*rain in a time of drought, a good solid soaking not-quite-an-inch of rain
*only two three awful work things to do before vacation
*Master Danger allowing me to stare lovingly into his eyes for a whole 20 seconds
*hearing an old favorite song on the radio
*graduation day, and the adventures to come for those who are passing that milestone
*getting annoying/exhausting professional news but figuring out a way to make it slightly better

May you have joy too, and a great weekend.
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This has been a week of heat, rejections, and stumbles, but hey ho, we carry on.

What are good things to celebrate?

*gardenias! Four gardenia blooms on my plant!

*a great bottle of Benziger Frank Johnson Vineyard Sauv Blanc, opened with Freixenet to celebrate her birthday

*last night's ep of Doctor Who, which was just stone-cold delightful. Also, Peter Capaldi in high collar, cravat, and Regency brocade -- in the words of Bill, "GET IN!"


*Independent Bookstore Day yesterday, and getting two books for my dad at the local shop.

*blocking out time for a nap today

May you, even in sad or hard times, find glimpses of joy this week.
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While I wait for the washing machine cycle to finish so I can throw stuff in the laundry and then go to the office...

1) My week has been really really really stressful. Like whoa. I have four hours of intense work to do today at the office, and then I'm retreating home (to work all weekend where it's quiet).
2) But a happy-hour drink with friends Downtown tonight -- which was arranged when I saw E walking his wife's dog this morning as Master Danger and I did OUR walk.
3) That's how we roll, here in Small Town.
4) My icon is of Ripper because my inner punch-people-in-the-face side is threatening to come out with a colleague or two.
5) Lalala.
6) Also, let's be real -- how gorgeous was Tony Head as Ripper? THIS MUCH GORGEOUS.
7) Brightens the day, yes?
8) Speaking of bright days, Earth Day is tomorrow! I might try to get to the March for Science held on the beach, because yay science, but it would involve driving and talking to people, two activities I'm not too keen on.
9) Spin cycle! Hey, here's a drabble on the topic of Spin.

"Stop spinning!" Anya hissed at the vampire dancing around her. Her fingers tightened on the stake, which felt too slippery, too insecure, where were Potentials –

"Stand still," came a beloved English voice. Footsteps, running --

"Which one of us?" she said.

A sword flashed in the moonlight, aimed at the stupid spinny vampire's neck. Poof, and now vamp ashes floated in the moonlight.

"You," Giles said, breathing heavily.

"You rescued me," she said, putting her hand on his arm. "Nicely done, honey."

"I always will," he said, and kissed her, there in the moonlight. She felt the world spin.

10) Off to work I go!

Hugs and a happy Friday to you.
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