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Oh my God this week this week I am basically one long internal scream at this point.

So let's think about other things, in the 10 minutes before I have to cut a bitch go back to work:

*The Grey Fox spends time in a Jaguar. Pls enjoy the lovely lovely images.

*I am wearing new Adidas sneakers today, because I honestly cannot. I have lost the will to can.

*This morning, in lieu of workout, I planted a gardenia in a big ol' whiskey-barrel and then dug a bed and planted two salvias and two... other plants whose names I've forgotten. Ouch. Perhaps I will revisit my idea of making a stone pathway...

*I am happy that I never fly United Airlines, but my God, how can anyone defend the airline? (I've actually seen that, and it appalls me.)

*Current book: The Price of Illusion, by former French Vogue editor Joan Juliet Buck, who now in her 60s is returning to her first loves of acting and writing. Beautifully written so far but somehow disturbing.

*Just finished book: Wait for Me!, by the late Deborah Duchess of Devonshire. Discursive, disorderly, delightful with a poignant moment or two.

*I wish I had time to write more on my current project, but argh.

What's a cool thing on your list today? Hugs!
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